Making a Failover Router Box

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by zxxpyroxxz, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. zxxpyroxxz

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    So i tried to look through the site, and other threads and i dont think i found exactly what i was looking for, and was hoping maybe to be pointed in the right direction.

    I'm trying to setup my own little hosting kind of a side job/personal use type of thing.So for right now i'm just trying to use spare parts and equipment to get things going...

    I have a business Cable connection, and a personal cable connection...

    What i'd like to do is load a box with 3 network cards, and use it as a router/firewall for my network. But i'm not trying to multiplex it, rather i just want it to use the business connection as its primary for everything, but if it goes out, failover to my personal connection (only if the other goes out) if i can multiplex it, for certain types of traffic, then thats fine, in fact it would be great, but i need to make sure something like my mail server goes out on the right ip, so not to cause problems when someone does a reverse lookup on it.

    I'd like to setup routing rules so that regardless of which connection receives a certain service request, such as a port 80, it will forward directly to my webserver, but mail requests will goto my mail server, or RDP will goto a specific server, etc..

    The personal will probably be upgraded to business class later, but for now, its cheaper.

    Now, in addition to this, i would like to throttle bandwidth usage from the the private IPs of my virtual machines...lets say i only want my mail server to use 256/256 of my bandwidth, while my webserver get to use 1mb/1mb

    So all in all i want to setup a box to have a primary internet connection, and be able to failover to a secondary, as well as host all my routing rules, and throttle incoming and outgoing bandwidth of private ip addresses...

    If you have any suggestion or know of an article that answers my question, please let me know!

    Thank you all so much :) a little bit new to linux, mainly have just setup webservers or vmware server boxes in the past...prefer to use Ubuntu or Debian. Thanks again!
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You could try firewall/gateway solutions like IPCop, Vyatta, m0n0wall, pfsense, Clarkconnect, etc.
  3. zxxpyroxxz

    zxxpyroxxz New Member

    pfSense looks like the winner to me....its listed features alone have almost everything i'm looking to do....and a few things i hadnt planned on, but probably will do now...

    Obviously not all features are listed....but do you know if the bandwidth throttling is something pfsense can do?
  4. zxxpyroxxz

    zxxpyroxxz New Member

    Ok, so this pfSense is just fantastic! easy as can be to setup, tons and tons of ways to configure everything you could ever want to!

    Anyone looking to do anything like i am should be using this! Got it all setup on a vmware machine, will switch over to using it tonight, cant wait!

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