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  1. peacengell

    peacengell Member

    hi need some help here to make things work for me
    here you go
    i have a dtabase name stock :
    1. table: phones
    fields: id, make, model, imei
    fields: id,qty
    when i add the following data to the phones table(nokia'6300'123456789012345)
    i want that the table qty update by one each time you add the imei number ...
    i get confuse and it don't realy work
    i need help to modell the database and to use the wright sql syntax to get it work if somebody can help me with this thanks i be very happy thanks i hope i spend loads of hours of searching,tries and i could get it work
    i don't understand what wrong with me ???thanks for help
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Which database are you using ? And what is the version ?
  3. channerhewitt

    channerhewitt New Member

    what programming script are you using? for your database too?

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