make open_basedir editable for ghosts of subdomains

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by bax, Apr 4, 2014.

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    As stated in two other threads I tried to install Z-Push in my ISPConfig installation on nginx:

    The problem is that I can changen either the root of the subdomain nor the open_basedir independently.

    That's why I saw no other possibility for me than to set up the nginx and PHP-FPM configurations outside of ISPConfig.

    If there would have been a way please let me know, otherwise it would be great if these kind of things would be possible in the future!

    Thank you!
  2. till

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    Setup the subdomain as website. Thats the way it is intended for softare that needs its own folder and describe din the manual.

    Personally I dont use zpush, but several customers reported to me that they use it sucessfully in a normal ispconfig website. zpush is writte in php, so it should work in a normal site and the nginx vhost config from zpush is quite basic, so I see no reason why it shoud not work when you create a new website for this subdomain and install zpush in it.
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    Thank you for your answer.

    I just found

    Just to clarify:
    I already have a domain set up.
    I tried to set up the subdomain as vhost subdomain.
    I did not get it running due to the inability to set open-basedir and custom root folder (as stated in the linked threads).
    All the tutorials/howtos I found on this topic use apache, I found it hard to achieve the same with nginx in ISPConfig3.

    You suggest do set up not as vhost-subdomain but as an own domain?

    Thank you!
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  4. till

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    Vhostsubdomains exist only to allow migrations of websites from some other controlpanels, thats hy they are disabled by default. Thir functionlity is limited as they are just a addon for a existing dite, they do not replace a site. in ipconfig you should crete a new website when a softare needs its own directory, thats described in the manual. If the site is created for a second, third or fourth level domain does not matter.
  5. bax

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    Thank you for this clarification – I will try again to set it up within ISPConfig!
  6. bax

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    Z-Push is now working as it should.
    I will try to set it up within a ghost-subdomain when the next RC or stable is released!


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