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Discussion in 'General' started by South_Raven, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I inadvertently posted something like this in the wrong thread. :eek:

    I am preparing to set up a 1u server to use for site development in a shared hosting environment. Previously my preference was to set up a FreeBSD AMP server. The problem is that I have trashed it so many times and gotten tired of reloading. I like what I have seen and read about as far as ISPConfig and think it will serve me well as a CPanel open source replacement. The problem though is that FreeBSD and ISPConfig don't play well together and my *nix'ing isn't up to par enough to rewrite code. I have enough to do anyway just in the site development to keep me busy anyway.

    If it could be turned in to a survey or just opinions and responses from the forum member here that would be great but I would like to know what is the platform of choice for ISPConfig and creating a shared hosting environment?

    Some of the services that would be needed are pretty much the most common ones like Apache2, php5, MySQL5, Perl, Curl, OpenSSL, Bind 8 or 9 and of course mail.

    One of my goals is to be able to use the system to develop a site and then when I am done just be able to archive it to cd/dvd and kill the shared hosting account. Another one is that if I am developing and kill the site code just be able to delete the offending account and recreate it rather than have to fix it or perhaps restore it back to a point in time backup.

    Perhaps I'm wrong but at first glance it appears that ISPConfig is developed on a single platform and then ported to other *nix varieties. Is this the case? I find it ironic that its licensed under the BSD license but yet its not compatible with FreeBSD.

    I'd appreciate any comments and direction.
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    ISPConfig is developed on Debian Linux and Debian is the platform that I recommend personally.

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