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Desired features of future default theme

  1. HTML5

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  2. New iconset

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  3. changeable colorset (in the frontend)

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  4. mobile version (iOS/others)

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  1. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Hi fellow devs,

    I added a theme called "default-v2" to the SVN. It is a major overhaul of the "default" theme.

    It would be nice to get some feedback from you who run a test machine with the current SVN version (I just pushed the rc1 of default-v2 a few minutes ago).
    Let me know how it performs and if there are any problems with it.

    I added a poll about your wishes for the future of the "default" theme

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Looks nice and works without problems on my server.

    May you add a short description what has been changed. The visual change that I noticed were the rounded corners and I guess you did a lot of cleanup in the html and css files?
  3. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    CHANGELOG (/interface/web/themes/default-v2/CHANGELOG)
    default -> default-v2
    source: default $3241 07/06/2012 @ 12:00 UTC+2
    - changed doctype to <!DOCTYPE html> (HTML5)
    - rm yaml/*
    - rm css/patches/*
    - cp yaml/patches/iehacks.css css/*
    - rm <!--[if lte ie 6]> from templates/main.tpl.htm
    - rm IE6 support from css/iehacks.css
    - mv css/nav/* into css/style.css
    - mv css/print/* into css/print.css
    - add css/print.css to templates/main.tpl.htm
    - rm css/print/*
    - rm css/nav/*
    - rm css projection-type support
    - mv css/screen/redmond/* css/*
    - rm css/screen/*
    - mv css media-recognition from css-files to <head>-link tag
    - change most div-containers to new html5 tags in main.tpl.htm
    - rm dom elements from main.tpl.htm
    - add html5shiv.js ( for better HTML5-compatibility
    - reduction of dom elements
    - reduction of css rules
    - removed all single icons
        - all icons separate:
        - all used icons as layers and sprite as .psd:
    - added sprites for (nearly) all used icons where suitable
    TODO (/interface/web/themes/default-v2/TODO)
    - css/print.css is useless in current state
    - css/iehacks.css is useless in current state
  4. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Status updated:

    Development is committed to the ISPC svn.

    HTML5 -> DONE
    New iconset -> problematic due to licenses
    changeable colorset (in the frontend) -> not important + not requested
    mobile version (iOS/others) -> will be back-ported from ISPC-larry

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