MailWatch Error: no rows retrieved from database

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sergio.arnaldo, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    Thanks for pointing that out and sorry for the trouble. Happy you got it working.
  2. lan2go

    lan2go New Member

    Same Issue

    Hi Sergio,

    Could you please tell me what you changed as I have the same issue :eek:
  3. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    The path is incorrect you need to place the mailwatch perl module in the correct path.
  4. lan2go

    lan2go New Member


    Hi TopDog,

    I really appreciate your help, the path is /opt/MailScanner/lib/MailScanner/CustomFunctions/ as I am using ubuntu but this seems correct. I will have another look at the trace files. :(
  5. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Yes check the mail log to see if the messages are actually being logged.
  6. flamewalker

    flamewalker New Member

    Thanks a ton sergio... I had been looking for this for 2 hours now! It is annoying to have to search for 2 hours for something that should be in the README/INSTALL file!

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