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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wr19026, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. wr19026

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    I upgraded from 2.2.3 to 2.2.5. When I log in to /mailuser it seems that a user no longer can change the prefered language. It shows "nl" and doesn't change to Dutch.

    Interestingly enough it does change to German when selecting "de" :)

    EDIT: I uploaded the dutch language pack that Hans made available and it's solved ;)
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  2. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    If others also have the described problem:
    The last version of my Dutch language pack is released on 04-08-2006 and can be downloaded here:

    It can be installed by using the update manager within ISPConfig.

    This version is also updated in the SVN Repository, so it will be available in a near future release, which means there will be no failure anymore.
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