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    I as of many people have a lot mail accounts and retrieve them through POP using Outlook, in my case the mail is stored in a .pst file placed on my Ubuntu 6.10 server on a Samba share. The problem is my dualboot setup, when i work in the linux environment i can't access my mail. So i thought it would be nice to have an IMAP server that i can access independend to which operating system i use.

    Time to get to the point. Setting up an IMAP server using courier shouldn't be the hardest part, but i want it to retrieve all of my POP boxes. So that's when fetchmail kicks in, ofcourse it would be nice if the mail is scanned for virusses and spam. Access though webmail sounds nice when i'm not at home, including the ability to send mail from my server using webmail or a mailclient.

    I have no need for full fledged mailserver with virtual domainusers and stuff, just the capability to send mail through postfix and retrieve my POP boxes and store them on a IMAP server using maildir. I find i quite hard to configure the antivirus and antispam part, also training spamassasin is a thing i couldn't get right. Installing the right software isn't the problem, how to configure it all is. I tried it a couple of times and spent many hours reinstalling my server again and again.

    If you could make a howto for a mailserver that can send mail, retrieves POP boxes, scans the mail, and storing it on an IMAP server with webmail capabilities it would be very nice. :)
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