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    I am using ISPConfig3 and Mailman on a Ubuntu server. I have installed only the mail-related modules.

    Currently this configuration serves as a mail server for two domains and i need to create two separate mailing lists that should send mail to all mailboxes in each domain.

    For instance:

    [email protected] redirects mail to all mailboxes on
    [email protected] redirects mail to all mailboxes on

    Now, i have observed that i cannot create two lists with the same name ([email protected] and [email protected]) so each must have different names. But that is not really a problem.

    What i need is a way to automatically include all new mailboxes in the corresponding list. I know that i might be able to create a script and list all the mailboxes for each domain, compare to the list of email addresses with the ones in the mailing list and make changes, but i was wondering if there is a more elegant way. Can I add a regex in mailman`s web interface? Or do you have any other ideas?

    Thank you very much for your help. I hope i have made myself understood.



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