Mailman in a MultiServer setup Ubuntu

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    Hello guys.
    So I Have been looking around and I just can't find the answer. I have a development multi server setup. However I never figured out one thing. And that is where the Mailman app gets installed.

    This is my current configuration and I am putting the same structure online in the cloud.

    Server Purpose
    Panel ISPconfig controlling server
    Mail Email server
    Web Webserver+ftp
    DB DB server
    NS DNS server

    So my question is this. Do I install mailman on the Panel (dedicated to control the ispconfig configuration) or the webserver, or the mail server? And what do I Need to do to install it where ever it goes? I use nginx as my web server.

    Cheers! and thanks in advance.
  2. swehes

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    Noone has an answer to this question?

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