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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Ghostdare, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Hello everybody,

    I have a little problem, do not know if is from some configuration or missing some settings in ISPConfig GUI.

    From the start until now I've never used Mailing List option in ISPConfig, but today I've tried to setup a mailing list. I've setaup a new record with all the data. Received the mail for the mailing list just created. In this mail there are some links for configuration

    like and
    The problem is when I click on them i receive an ERROR 404 - Not Found!

    But if I've change the link with the acctual name of the server and it works. For me is not a problem, but if I will create in the future some mailing list for some clients, it will not look OK.

    Can some one help me in this case. I've done the installation of the server by the book (and also consulting the manual bought from you guys).
  2. till

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    The problem is that mailman inists on addin the client domain name there, if you add the server domain in the mailman config file, it throws a syntax error. One option can be to add a rewrite rule in apache.

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