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  1. PoleCat

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    I'm not sure if the developers are familiar with this open source program, but it has been a very valuable tool for me to see how email and spam is growing on my server and can help me project future trends.

    Their homepage is here:

    This is what it looks like in action:

    The graph is unfortunately not reporting on Viruses properly on my ISPC server.
    Anyway, was wondering if anyone can make it work properly, and either turn the new version of the program into a PKG or integrate it with ISPC.

    DNSgraph is a great tool that will help ISPC Admins as well:
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  2. edge

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    I've been using MailGraph for some time on my ISPconfig servers (used this howto from falko)

    Viruses are logged okay on my system.
    You can test it with this "eicar test" virus

    Did you use the howto also when you did the install?
  3. daveb

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    Polecat after I installed mailgraph I myself wasnt getting any logging of spam and virus statistics to the graphs. So after reading this post I observered how MTvermoes patched the antivirus.rc.master and spamassassin.rc.master. So I tried that myself and it worked I started seeing virus and spam statistics in the graphs. If you patch your spamassassin and antivirus masters be sure to copy them to
    so in the event of your next ispconfig update they are not lost.
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  5. Ben

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    @Edge: I just installed mailgraph, spam is not counted at all, but there is as a plugin directly included in SA saves spam + ham per account to a db.
    Did you change sth. in the setup to interact with ISPCOnfig + Mailgraph?

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