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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by wyrie, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Hi devs

    I came across a change in the defaults of maildrop, specifically the mailbot binary that deals with the autoreplies. Older versions of the maildrop packages (debian 5's v2.0.x) did not include the original message in the autoresponse or it was disabled by default or some other explanation.

    Since the version bump in gentoo to v2.4.2 autoreplies have the original message at the top and the response message at the bottom. For us this was a issue as it hides the response and we had a lot of users complaining about it.

    You could change the format of the reply with the -T option putting the message at the top with the original message in a forward style at the bottom. The ultimate answer for us was v2.5.1 in gentoo portage that includes the -N option ( that will disable including the original mail in the response with the reply formats.

    This seems like something that should be dealt with, debian 6 seems to have v2.2 but I don't have a box to test with.

    Anyone else come across this issue? Can anyone confirm this on debian 6? Does anyone now at which version the -N option becomes available?
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    Thnaks for your findings. I have not updated my servers to debian 6 yet. Maybe someone else can try and confirm this on his servers?

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