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    i wonder whare the customers settings is stored for UebiMiau webmail, a user complain that his created folder is gone when moved from old server to new.
    (thanx Till for great support)

    Is it possible to just cp prf /var/www/web20/User/web20_simon/Maildir/
    new cur tmp ?
    there is some files on my old server in thoes folders.

    And some in /var/spool/mail/Maildir

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    rsync Maidir

    Hi again,

    im just trying to use rsync /var/www and i cant get Maildir folder, got permission denied.

    and i cant use root, i don allow root login in ssh and i dont whant user root to use a authentication key file ither.

    is thera any other possibility to use rsync and have the permission to rsync the Maildir? so i dont need to use imapsync, it would not be easy if you have lots of customers mailboxes. rsync, just one line of code then youre done.

    Ore is there another solution, mirror every mail to another server?

    imapsync dont work if you have 100mailboxes and dont know the passwords.

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    rsync Maildir solved

    just whant to share this whit you guys.

    Use this HowTo as base:

    i install sudo, and use visudo to edit sudoers file and add this line
    do this on the source server:
    web-rsync ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL

    Try this syntax if you use other ssh ports and for sudo:
    /usr/bin/rsync -avz -e "ssh -p 8093 -i /root/rsync/mirror-rsync-key" --rsync-path='sudo rsync' [email protected]:/var/www/ /var/www

    After this all the Maildir is synced and its working fine, no need for imapsync ore other tools.


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