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    I have the following problem:
    I have more than one customer who has one domain. Some of them have their own subdomains. This works fine with ISPConfig3.

    But now I want to have Mailadresses - all with the same domain. For example: [email protected] and [email protected].

    But I can't do that. I have to decide one of them to own the mail-domain And so customer2 can't see his mail address and so he can't change the password for examle.

    So I want to make a maildomain for him and he get a mailbox [email protected]. And now I thought email alias is an option for making an other login-name and mail address for the same mail account. But I can't login with this alias name.

    And if an alias mail is not that, whats the difference to mailforeward?
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    Email aliases are not related to mailbox logins. An alias is a function in postfix to route incoming emails and not a pop3 or imap account.

    1) Create a email domain for every customer like
    2) Create a new mailbox for this domain like [email protected]
    3) as admin, create a email forward from [email protected] to [email protected]
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    Thats not that, what I need. The Customers have to write mails from their Mailadress [email protected].

    What I did now is: I created all there mailboxes and then I changed the group id in mysql database. So now every customer has his own mailbox with the maildomain

    The bad thing with this solution: I can't change there Mailboxes without setting updating the group id in mysql; because if I change something as admin, the group ID changed to the ustomer who is owner from the maildomain.

    I modified the ispconfig Files, so that now I can set up a special customer to every mailbox.

    Maybe you can take this modification to the svn Version? So that I needn't to modify that in the next version again. Maybe there are other people with the same problem, too.

    Here are the modified files
    [DELETE](I only made a german language, so in other languages there is a blank field as label)[/DELETE]
    I used the customer Label; so the "de_mail_user.lng" needn't to be modify

    Is it possible to change the group ID of every mailaddress in ISPConfig3 Webinterface? This option has to be a privileg from the admin of course!

    Thats for Version from here

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    I recognized one problem with my modification:
    The customer can't edit his mail at the moment; he can't use the maildomain but it changes automatically to his own maildomain if he has one. If not, he can't save because there is no maildomain used.
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    Okay, now it seams to work as I want; Here is the changed mail_user_edit.php

    • The Domains from mailboxes where the user is owner from will be shown in the Maildomain List when mailbox is editing
    • The User has access to the mailboxes where he is owner from

    @Till: Do you know if there meight be any side effects, relating to the use with postfix or courier. I tested it in ISPConfig Webinterface: That works fine ;-)
    And I don't tested till now, if the the mailbox "file" changes when the user changes it to an other maildomain where he is owner from...

    Note: If the user change the maildomain from that mail he can't go back without the help of the admin!

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