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  1. jacksmerv

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    I have been facing problem with squirrel mail. How to remove it in debian 5 (Ispconfig3 ) and install horde or equivalent mail. Advance thanks.
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    Hey jacksmerv,

    Sorry I did not get back to you in your other post. I just recently lost my father on the 2nd and have not been on for a few days.

    If you want to remove squirrelmail all you should have to do from root is:
    # apt-get remove squirrelmail
    It should then remove it from the server. Now for Horde I wrote a little how to for the installation. Installing the full version of Horde was a nightmare for me so I opted for the Webmail version which is the same in cPanel.

    In the first part it talks about using multiple clients but you can skip that and just create a symlink to the /webmail folder to your install path of Horde once you have followed the rest of the guide. Also you may have to tweak it a bit if you are only using Horde for your webmail.

    Hope this helps,
  3. jacksmerv

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    Hi ByteMe Networking,
    I have rectified the squirrelmail problem by removing and deleting the folder and reinstall it works fine now.I have try sending mail from one of it server to outside server and sends fine. But if i send mail to itself or from outside server it not able to receive it. Please guide me to rectify this problem. Advance thanks
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    Are you getting any bounce back messages from the outside SMTP server?

    Also can you telnet into the server through pop3 and IMAP ports from an outside server?
    telnet <POP server name or IP address> 110
    telnet <IMAP server name or IP address> 143

    If so it should say what you are using for your mail courier.
    EX. I have +OK Dovecot ready.
    If you are able to telnet in then you should be able to receive mail. Check your mail logs to see if there is any activity. I just check them from ISPConfig Monitor > show mail log
    This way we can make sure you are in fact receiving mail.

    If not then you may have the ports blocked or the service is not running.

    Make sure the service is running and try to telnet again.
    If the service is not running run for Dovecot:
    # /etc/init.d/dovecot start
    Or this if you installed Courier:
    # /etc/init.d/courier start

    That's all I can think of to try right now. Once we confirm that mail is coming in we can take a look at other options on resolving this if it continues to act up.
  5. jacksmerv

    jacksmerv New Member

    I can find only

    /etc/init.d/courier-pop or courier-imap with and without ssl

    I am able to stop and start. There is no /etc/init.d/courier folder is not there. Courier folder is inside /etc only. Pls help.

    telnet <POP server name or IP address> 110
    +OK Hello there.

    telnet <IMAP server name or IP address> 143
    ight 1998-2008 Double Precision, Inc. See COPYING for distribution information.

    I found this error in mail ques

    (temporary failure. Command output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Cannot have world/group permissions on the filter file - for your own good.)
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  6. ByteMe Networking

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    Not sure if this will help but check the permissions for this file:
    # ls -alh /var/vmail/.mailfilter
    Here is what mine looks like:
     -rw-------  1 vmail vmail 1.4K 2011-01-13 09:59 .mailfilter
    I looked around online and could not find much info on that error. Also not sure if its related but are you running this setup from a VPS or a standalone server?
  7. jacksmerv

    jacksmerv New Member

    standalone server

    mine looks like

    -rwxrwxr-x 1 vmail vmail 1.4K 2011-01-10 07:00 /var/vmail/.mailfilter

    pls help
  8. ByteMe Networking

    ByteMe Networking New Member

    OK that may be some of the issue. The permissions are not correct and I know Postfix is a pain with permissions.

    Make a copy of that file just in case:
    # cd /var/vmail/
    # cp .mailfilter /var/vmail/.mailfilter.bk
    Now change the permissions to 600:
    # chmod 600 .mailfilter
    Then check to see if you are able to send and receive. Keep fingers crossed.
  9. jacksmerv

    jacksmerv New Member

    I have changed the rights to 600. It is working fine. Thanks a lot.
  10. ByteMe Networking

    ByteMe Networking New Member

    Hey jacksmerv,

    Glad I could help.

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