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  1. kiasyn

    kiasyn New Member

    Hi there!

    We have 2 servers running ISPConfig.
    ServerOne does mail and primary DNS
    ServerTwo does www and secondary DNS.

    We have setup a php script on ServerTwo that uses the php mail() command to send mail.

    Problem is, the external mail server setting doesnt seem to take effect if users are added on ServerTwo (user accounts are there for FTP purposes.)

    How can we configure postfix on servertwo to ignore all the domains except its subdomain.

    Kind regards,
  2. kkip

    kkip New Member

    I'm am trying to solve pretty much the same problem. I have tried changing several configuration parameters in postfix/ but can not get this to work without causing other unwanted side effects. I would definitely be interested in any guidance on this.
  3. kkip

    kkip New Member

    Alright, I found a solution (at least for my problem). Basically, on the server that is not acting as an incoming mail server, all domains and co-domains that don't receive mail have to be configured to "External Mail Server". The setting is under ISP Manager. Select a domain then select Co-Domains, select the IP and domain / co-domain then click the options tab.

    With this setting, accounts setup under the domain can still send email through SMTP and can login with FTP. Emails sent using Postfix as the SMTP server are sent to the external mail server even if there is an account on the box for that email address.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    @kiasyn: Please make sure that you set the co-domains to external mailserver too as kkipp explained. Setting just the website to external mailserver is not enough.

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