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    I installed ISPconfig 2.2.14 on Fedora core 6. I followed the "Installing A LAMP System With Fedora Core 6" and "Installation Instructions", and later "Squirrelmail On Your ISPConfig Server Within 10 Easy Steps "

    I create a site but I don't like the mail adress web[WEBID]_username

    I don't like an adress for example, I prefer

    Later I delete this user and mail from and change the user prefix for blank, but now I can't creat the username, ISP config tell me that this user is already in use.

    In the other hand, I can't create a name user (not mail adress) like I think that I can't use @

    How I can create a mail adress like , ... ?:confused:


    Best regards :)
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    You mix up email addresses and usernames. The email address for the username web1_username1 can be username1@.... of course. You just have to enter username1 in the email field ;)

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