Mail Server, Web Server and Database Server for same domain on different machines

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Ashoksmclain, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Ashoksmclain

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    Can anyone let me know how to install & configure Mail, Web & Database Server on different machines & network the same to work correctly.

    Below i have posted how i am trying to configure

    Machine 1 - Web Server - To host multiple websites using Ubuntu server (LAMP) and ISPconfig3

    Machine 2 - Mail Server - To Handle all the mails for the websites/ domains hosted on web server using iRedMail

    Machine 3 - Database Server - To store all the mails of the domains & other Database using Mysql

    All the machines will run using Ubuntu Server OS version 12.04 LTS

    Please let me know or post me with the urls so that i can get it done correctly

    Thanking You in Advance
  2. till

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  3. Ashoksmclain

    Ashoksmclain New Member


    Will the iRedMail setup work with the above instalation
  4. webguyz

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    The more you stray from a standard install the less chance you will have with being successful during upgrades, getting support, etc.

    I have never used iRedmail, but isnt it a postfix/dovecot/amavis/clam stack of open source products? These are all the same ones used in ispConfig but without the iredmail interface, you would use the interface builtin to ispConfig.

    ispConfig has all the pieces you need to control your website inside the box. Just bring an empty server or vm.
  5. Ashoksmclain

    Ashoksmclain New Member

    Yes iRedMail is what u say,

    I will use ISPConfig as you say it has all i want

    Thank You

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