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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by chrisjunkie, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. chrisjunkie

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    Hi all, as my parents have employed a new person to work for them I decided to incorporate their existing email accounts with my ispconfig server.

    Since we have a dynamic ip and parents pay for mail anyway I have fetchmail fetch their mail and put it into the server's mailboxes (maildir is enabled) This was working fine and then all of a sudden they could not connect to the server to receive mail. The only way that I could/can fix this is by a server restart (I didn't just try to restart postfix because I don't know if that is the problem)

    Looking through mail logs in /var/log/ I cant seem to find a problem other than Authentication Failure (don't know why this is happening as they use Outlook) and the postfix server randomly restarting.

    Please help as I am trying to prove that I do have good solutions and I would if this didn't stuff up LOL!

  2. falko

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    Can you post an excerpt of your mail log?
    What exactly is the problem? Fetchmail doesn't fetch mails anymore from the ISP's server, or your parents can't fetch emails anymore from your server with Outlook?

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