Mail server no longer visible after ispconfig upgrade (multi server)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pr0be, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. pr0be

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    Last week I installed 3.1.14p1 on two servers running Debian Buster.

    Server 1 runs Web, DNS, File and DB.
    Server 2 runs Mail and DNS (configured as mirror of Server 1).

    Everything was running fine until today I noticed the security update and run "" on both servers and upgraded them to 3.1.14p2. After that I can no longer add mail domains. The "Add new domain" form does not list the mail server in the "Server" field as it used to, just "No matches found".

    In the System tab I can still see both servers and mail is active in Server 2. I tried removing the mail service from Server 2 and adding it again but the problem remains.

    Anyone knows how to fix this?

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Did you test as admin or as client? If you tested as client or reseller, ensure that the mail server is permitted in the client or reseller limits. Then you should check that the mailserver is not set to be a mirror under system > server services as mirror servers are not listed as target for email domains.
  3. pr0be

    pr0be New Member

    Hi Till,

    Many thanks for your fast answer!

    I tested as admin.

    That seems to be it. If I remove Server 2 as mirror of Server 1 it works! If I remember correctly, I configured Server 2 as mirror because otherwise when someone adds a domain in DNS it will only be available in Server 1.

    So my question should really be: what is the recommended way to configure a dns domain once and get the configuration to both servers?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    When you select mirroring then all services of that server get mirrored. So combining DNS and Mail on one server is not a good choice when you want to have DNS mirrored but not email. But this has not been changed in ISPConfig, so server2 could not have shown up before when you set it to be a mirror. What you might have done before is that you enabled mail service on server1 too and then selected server1 when you created an email domain.
  5. pr0be

    pr0be New Member

    I understand what you mean, but I think I never enabled mail in server1...
    Anyway, can you please explain if mirroring is just a copy of the database on both servers or is more than that?

    Could I just enable the mail service in server1 but direct the MX record and the mail clients to server2. So server1 would be a mail server for ispconfig but not used as such in practice. Any problem you see with this setup?
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Depends on what you installed and configured. If you followed the official mirror setup configuration guides, then all databases, configs, files, and emails get mirrored between the nodes.

    This should be no problem as long as server1 never tries to send an email to an account on server 2. This means if you have a website on server 1 with a contact form that tries to send the content of the form to an address that is on server 2, then this emails will never arrive as postfix will keep it on server 1 as the recipient mailbox is on server1 as well and without proper mail mirror config, it will not make its way to server 2. No matter where you point the MX to. The only way to avoid this would be to ensure that postfix is not configured to accept any emails locally on server1.
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  7. pr0be

    pr0be New Member

    Great, I'll just setup postfix in server 1 to not accept any mails. All web forms must use smtp auth to server2.

    Thanks for your great support!

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