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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mark1982, May 21, 2012.

  1. mark1982

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    Morning all,

    I am trying to configure my mail server but i cannot send of receive.

    I have followed this install

    With the exception that during the install I didn't have my domain name so just used I now have my own domain name and as best I can tell have change all configs to i test the mx all seams ok, I then test the SMTP via

    and I get
    The test e-mail is sent to [email protected]. how do I change this?
    The second issue is, Is this stopping me sending and receiving e-mails. I have been able to send an e-mail to myself but not outside the server. (ie to my gmx account etc)

    I have scanned the posts (see below) and 25 is open so this is ok.

    Therefore i am now at a lose as to why it isnt working any help would be appreceated.

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  2. mark1982

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    Ok an update to this,

    I can now receive e-mail but i am still unable to send. i am testing to send a to a large company but i get the response below.

    I have mailed to have the IP unblocked but i still need to correct the
    Reporting-MTA: dns;

    How do i do this?
  3. mark1982

    mark1982 New Member

    Ok this post can be closed, it would appear that since my IP is dynamic it will not be unblock, so i will be sending all mail via my ISP mail.server.


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