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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by PC-Fit, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Hello Guys

    I have succesfully setup emailrouting for one domain to an external exchange server. All works great but i was wondering what happens with the mails if the exchange server is offline ?? I have done a test and saw a line in the logfile "connection timed out". That is oke offcourse.

    But will ispconfig resend the mail or is the email lost ??

    And second question. I have enabled the spamfilter for this domain under spamfilter, user, domain. But are the spammails deleted or will they be kept in a sperate mailbox. Because i use mail routing no mailboxes for the domain are available so i wonder what happens with this spammails


  2. till

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    The email will be resend. You can see the mails in the queue with the command:

    postqueue -p

    It happens with the emails what you configured in the spamfilter policy, thats normally marking the ubject of spam emails so that exchange can sort them out and if the spam score is above a certain level, then delete the emails.

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