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Discussion in 'General' started by wabz, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. wabz

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    Guy i need help on how to retrieve old emails from a suse 11.1 machine running ispconfig 3. One tech guy accidentally formatted a computer with outlook which had a mail account minus backing up the *.pst files. Now the only way of getting the mail is from the server. How do i retrieve them? Server is using courier pop3 for mail delivery? Please help me.
  2. CubAfull

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    if he left copy of all mail in the server (outlook configuration), login with outlook an download all the mails again, if he don't left copy, forget... with pop3 you download all the mail to your computer.
  3. you can get it by using the backup software...
    but this will work only if didn't formatted your system in past..
  4. wabz

    wabz New Member


    The tech guy repartitioned and formatted the drive. I tried using getdataback ntfs but wapi no success? Ant other software that u think can work?

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