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Discussion in 'General' started by bernholdt, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. bernholdt

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    When i create a new user within Ispconfig the system automaticly send a welcome email to the user, the problem is that the email send is sorted in windowsmail as spam and blocked cause windowsmail sais it looks suspisious any idea how to avoid this ??
  2. till

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    Does windows mail lists eny reasons why it whas sorted out e.g. like spamassassin does it in the hedaer?
  3. bernholdt

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    ok i think i found the source of the filtering.
    back when i installed ispconfig i couldnt get it to use my domainname and instead i typed in the ip address. so that the address send to user as login is a ip address and not a dns name, i thought i got this fixed by manually entering my dnsname in ispconfig admin panel, but it hasent changed how can i fix this ??

    Just did a test were i entered the full address instead of using %%%CP%%% and it seems to do the trick
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