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Discussion in 'General' started by malder, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. malder

    malder New Member

    I moved my server to a different location (different IP) and now none of the mail is getting forwarded. I don't have any of the mail staying on the server, just being passed on.

    The logs ( I can see the mail coming in, but then it doesn't get sent back out (forwarded).

    Also, none of my programs (ex. gallery, fail2ban, etc...) are sending out any email notifications, password resets, etc...

    I've done some testing of postfix via telnet, but I don't know how to test the sending of mail, just the receiving, which seems to be working fine.

    ISPConfig is running fine and it shows all is well when I create/delete accounts, but no mail gets sent out, but seems to be coming in just fine.

    I don't want to start poking around in postfix, since it was all configured with ISPConfig a long time ago and has been working flawlessly up to this point. I'm afraid I'll make things worse.

    Where should I start looking?

  2. till

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    Which new lines appear in the mail log when you send a email?

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