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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wabz, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. wabz

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    I am rather in a jam and need to figure out some issues very fast. The following are my issues

    1. How do i configure email accounts? Initially we had a mail server using postfix and it was picking mail and sending mail through our isp mail server. Since we did a new installation mail doesnt come through. The isp says all mail have to be delivered to the server and there is nothing like a loggin account to do that. That it is not pop and mail should come through using smtp. I am stuck and need a solution fast. I used ispconfig 3 and till installation guide.

    2. How can i configure different webmails to be used. I want to configure and have different customised interfaces for squirrelmail for the different sites hosted. So how can i do it?

    I am running on suse 11.1 and ispconfig3. Used Till guide for installation. Tx
  2. till

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  3. wabz

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    So how do i install the webmail clients for each and configure them to pick mail?

    I cannot telnet my server on port 25 and have failed to shutdown the suse default firewall. My server has two network cards and when i try to shutdown the firewall my internet which goes through the same box doesnt work. When i telnet the server from its self or from anywhere in the network i receive: Connection closed or rejected by foreign host. I need my mails working pls help
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  4. wabz

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    I keep on receiving error messages when i try using outlook to access mail on my email server. The system is running postfix and its on suse 11.1. Any help?
  5. till

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    Take a look at the mail log to find the problem.

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