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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tomáš Holan, Jan 29, 2022.

  1. Tomáš Holan

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    I we have ISPConfig for managing mail domains and users for several years. Some week ago server disks crashed in way that even disk RAID cannot help. So I had to reinstall server and recover backups (Maildir folders, databases and configurations). Now mail works great only ISPConfig webgui not(don't have spare time to recover it) so I have access only to database over adminer. But company decide to move on cloud - Google Workspace - and it must be done user per user to check that everything works and there are other services like shared file storage to migrate so there's no way do it at one step.

    Domain for example -> company(dot)ltd
    Example mail -> holan(at)company(dot)ltd
    What we need? Receive and save e-mail on old server with ISPConfig and copy it to google - Dual delivery - so mails are acceable from both servers.
    I think it's easy. I created my account on Google. And google created testing domain
    With that I can go to ISPConfig database and setup CC on my account like "holan(at)" and that's working, but!
    We have archive(at)company(dot)ltd mail user which is used same way. It's used for CRM to track all users comunication with customers from one place.
    Problem is, that if you use multiple domains in CC separeted by commas as GUI says(checked in demo ISPConfig server), than server try to delivery both receivers over relay of last domain.

    If I have in cc column "archive(at)company(dot)ltd,holan(at)" than both are resolved by google mail server and it's rejected.

    If I have in cc "holan(at),archive(at)company(dot)ltd"(change order) than both are resolved by old server with ISPConfig and first copy is saved in archive account as it should, but second which should go to google server is sended to mailbox catchall on old server(info(at)company(dot)ltd).

    Do you have any solution to resolve CC receivers splited? I don't know if it's right behavioral or if it's bug.

    EDIT: Don't mind (at) and (dot). I'm new user here and it says that i'm posting links without reputation.
  2. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    From memory, I don't believe you can. You could create a mail forward to multiple addresses and cc to that, or try always_bcc if you want to always copy the archive address.

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