Mail filter: ISPConfig vs. RoundCube ISPConfig Plugin vs ManageSieve

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    i know the RoundCube ISPConfig plugin ( the filter rules which are available there are very basic (e.g. filter on subject, to and from) and use only a small part of the available rules from the sieve syntax. the plugin has only that rules because it is tied to the functions offered via the ispconfig api, right?
    before i used ispconfig, my users could use the managesieve plugins of roundcube (e.g. or to manage their filter rules through the managesieve protocol which is supported by dovecot ( i know that there is a option as admin-user in ISPConfig to add manually written sieve filter rules.

    as my users and i are not happy with the "downgraded" filter functionality, i am looking for the best way to use the managesieve protocol. i know that there is an "include" option for sieve files (, so i suppose i'll have to change ISPconfig to create a basic sieve file with include statements for the rules added by managesieve. has somebody already done that or found another solution to integrate managesieve filters?

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    yes we try to stick to the functions of ispconfig, as the hoster should have the choice of letting there users login per ispconfig to change things or/also to login to roundcube and see the same things and edit them too.

    if you use ispconfig with dovecot/sieve you can just activate the sieve protocol port, configure it and add the sieverules or managesieve plugin to roundcube.

    if you do not want to activate the sieve protocol port, you can use the sieverules plugin and use the hooks from it to use the ispconfig custom mailfilter slot.
    If you are interested in this solution and want to deploy this, please let me know per mail and I'm sure we can assist you.
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    Hi Horfic

    thanks for your answer.

    i haven't tried to just active the sieve port yet because i thought that will get a mess if two systems can write sieve files... i suppose normally on the delivery only ONE sieve file is parsed and not two different?

    i already use the ISPconfig roundcube plugin but don't like the limited filter functionality and are going to disable it and enable the sieve port instead. but still i expect it won't work "out of the box" because of two different sieve filter files being generated.

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