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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by bzzik, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. bzzik

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    I am using ISPConfig 2.2.7 with Perfect install on CentOS 5.2. I have installed standalone Telaen webmail and now faced a problem with encoding in sent mails. The problem is the following:

    When I send it and then read it with Talean - encoding is correct. When I send it and read it with another web mail encoding goes wrong. For example here is mail on cyrillics:

    Original mail:

    Here is the same email, but forwarded and read with another web mail:

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  2. falko

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    Are both webmail packages using the same Apache, or is one using ISPConfig's Apache and the other one the main Apache, or is one of the webmail packages even on another server?
  3. bzzik

    bzzik New Member

    They are on different servers. Telaen webmail is on my main web server without ISPConfig. ISPConfig with mailserver is on another machine. And I am trying to read sent mails through different web mails such as gmail.

    Where to dig? :)

    Thanks for helping in this case.
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  4. falko

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    Can you compare the DefaultCharset settings of both Apaches? I guess they differ.
  5. bzzik

    bzzik New Member

    I thought about it, but both have UTF-8...

    Ohmy! I solved this! :) The problem lies in language files. Mailer takes encoding from language file, so I changed it to UTF-8 and it is ok now :D
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