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    I am trying to setup Magento with multi domain, but with no luck so fare.

    I have ISPconfig 3 install on the server.
    My working magento is install outside ISPconfig and is accesseable form http://my_Ip/magento/

    Now I want to setup 2 domain, using the orginal installation
    Domain1 = http://shop.mydomain1/
    Domain2 = http://shop.domain2/

    I try to follow

    But that is quit diff. from the tutorial.
    Can I make global symlink, enabling me to implement Magento on multiply domain, using the same Admin panel, as well as sharing the same db.
    Can you point me in the right direction in order to make it work?

    I also try to add the path in open_basedir ( var/www/magento/ ) and made a symlink in the domain dir, but get the this error while trying to load index.php
    "magento/app/Mage.php was not found"
    As fare as I can understand; my var/www/magento/ dir is not visiable from my domain or did i misunderstand somting??

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