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Discussion in 'Technical' started by XZed, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. XZed

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    Sorry but i don't really know where to post it...

    I'm actually searching for an Open Source alternative to Lotus Domino.

    I could have said "Exchange" but i preferred to quote "Lotus Domino" for the following reason :

    Lotus Domino is completely "infrastructure"-indepedent.

    While Exchange is AD-dependent...

    After many searches, i didn't found a real open source alternative.

    (For example : ZImbra depends of a LDAP server...)

    Needs :

    Mails centralized in one base (like .nsf) and easily accessible..

    Thank you very much
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  2. id10t

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    Citadel and many others are out there...
  3. XZed

    XZed New Member

    A Big thank you, i Will search for it ;) !


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