Logs not working??? (newbee Question)

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    Good day all,

    I Have followed the ubuntu 6.06 perfect setup and Installed Postfix, Courier, MySQL.

    I tried both ISPConfig & DTC Panel with no luck and went to installing Webmin, Usermin, Virturalmin for virtual domains.

    I got the first virtual domain setup and working as far as email goes. Next task will be to try and seup squirlmail for webmail and I have seen a few threads on this.

    Before I get going down that road however, it seems like I am not getting any messges logged.

    When I tail -f /var/log/mail.info I do not see any activity at all. The last msg I see is from about 6 hrs ago, But I know that mail is moving. How can I check to see whats happend to my logging?

    I tried posting my ps -aux results but it was too long - I have attached them here. (psaux.txt)

    Thanx - WaveQam

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    If you don't see any activity, but are sure you're sending/receiving mails, this means that the mails are sent using another server. Please check your domains' MX records like this:

    dig mx mydomain.com

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