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    Hello Everyone,

    I just finished the CentOS 6.4 install tutorial, but have issues sending and receiving email. My first step to fix the problem is to look at the logs for errors in ISPConfig. However, This is unavailable to me as it only states, "Array"

    This affects the mail log down to Clamav Log.

    I checked the log files and they look normal. The array output usually happens in the php code when it echoes the array as if it was a string. Any suggestions, or troubleshooting advise would be appreciated.
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    An easy way to test if the local mailsystem works is to login to webmail with a account hosted on the server and send a email to the same address that you used to login to webmail. The email shall arrive within a minute back to your account when the local mailsystem works. If the email does not arrive, then check the mail.log as described below.

    - Post the error message(s) that you get in the mail log file when the problem occurs. The mail log file is in the folder /var/log/, it is named "mail.log" on Debian and Ubuntu Linux and named "maillog" on other distributions.


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