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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by provell, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. provell

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    I have been looking for a way to get customers to login to the phpmyadmin page.
    Normal ftp or mail users of the ispconfig system can not login, only the mysql root admin account.
    This thread confirm that:

    But how do I create users to logon to their specific database?
    I'm not giving my customers the mysql root account ofcourse;).

    Any advise would be greadly appreciated.

    Rgds Edo
  2. falko

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    Users must log in with their database details. For example, if a user has the database web1db1 and the database username web1u1, then he must log in with the username web1u1 (and the database password).
  3. provell

    provell New Member


    Ok, thanks for the response.
    That sounds verry logic, the only thing I haden't try'd yet :);)

    Rgd Edo

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