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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by exynenem, Aug 28, 2020.

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    I'm still working on some improvements/changes (among relocating db dir to /log instead of stats/.db) for GoAccess and one of them are locales.
    Right now the locales are being obtained from $conf['language'] which would not always produce a correct locale name which I could use as a value for "LANG=<locale> <command>".

    Is there some function or table in ISPConfig which would provide proper locale names, like for Angola pt_AO?
    If not I would like to add an additional column to the table "country" with the appropriate locale names.

    Forget what I wrote above. I have seen that the language selection when editing a user seems to be compiled by reading the available language files from interface/lib/lang/*.lng.
    So we are speaking only of 25 languages. Without the possiblity of sub-languages like the above Angola example. So the current code which would produce the locale code should be perfectly fine.

    Ok, I was wrong lol. The current code doesn't always produce correct locale codes. For example the utf-8 locale code for Japan would be ja_JP.UTF-8 and not ja_JA.UTF-8. I think I will add correct detection to the cronjob file. I'am not sure, but might be defining the locale code in each lng file still be worth/interesting, maybe even for future use cases?
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    I was fiddling a bit more around with the language selection in ISPConfig and generating & displaying the GoAccess statistics in other languages.
    There are a few things which I stumbled across which don't seem to be correct. Either my environment is buggy or there are bugs in the code.

    Here is a list:

    1. Some country flags are not correctly displayed, here for example greece, locale code would be el_GR. (minor bug)

    2. Where does the value for $conf['language'] come from? It doesn't seem to be the selected customer language.
    Is this actually intended to be the customer's language? I've oriented myself by the awstats cron code where $conf['language'] is used as well.
    At least in a multiserver environment I get different results than my actual customer's language selection.

    3. Does anyone know how to get utf-8 charset properly working with GoAccess? Here is the current branch on which I am working on: https://git.ispconfig.org/ms217/ispconfig3/-/commits/goaccess-adjustments
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    ISPConfig does not use the '5 digit style' iso locale codes.


    No, it's the language of the hosting company.

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