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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lloydcodrington, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. lloydcodrington

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    Hi All,
    I am looking to set up a testing server to work with locally that has the functionallity of my servers hosted at The Planet. There I have CentOS servers with the usual suspects installed.

    In my office I have a machine I have installed CentOS on but need to also be able to create and manipulate databases (MySQL) and also be able to have different accounts for the various site I need to test.

    I primarily use Dreamweaver CS4 as my development platform. All the server configurations I have see on the site relate to setting up servers open to the world. I want mine for strickly local testing purposes without outside world access. I have a wired/wireless hub on my local network.

    I know this has probably been covered somewhere on this site as it is an excellent source of information for all things server related, and I congratulate it's creators. But if someone could point me in the right dircetion I would be very appreciative as I can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for.

    Thanks in anticipation,
    Lloyd Codrington.
  2. btomasik

    btomasik New Member

    Have you looked into xampp or wampp? They are kind of forks of a suite of programs formerly known as lampp. It's mysql, php, and apache all rolled into one. Included as well are a number of tools to help you manage the services (incl phpMyAdmin for creating/managing SQL databases).

    I'm not big into centos but I can try offering some more direction if you can le tme know where you're getting stuck
  3. lloydcodrington

    lloydcodrington New Member

    Hi btomasik,
    Thanks for your reply. I have used xamp, lamp & mamp server setups before. Most recently I have been using MAMP on a PowerPC G5 Mac Server which was my testing server. However recently one of my clients wants to install OpenSim on his site and so I need to be able to test that in a CentOS environment, which is what my servers are.

    So I am scrapping the G5 and have now installed CentOS on one of my old PC carcasses. Now that it is installed however I need a way to manipulate MySQL databases and was hopeing for a myphpadmin application for linux and an application that enables me to create different accounts such as MAMP Pro on the Mac, not sure if you are farmiliar with that.

    Any assistance you could give would be great and thank for the offer.

  4. btomasik

    btomasik New Member

    You know you can install PHPMyAdmin on nearly any webhost that can process PHP scripts. Or you can try mysql-administrator (which I just found today).

    If that doesn't strike and what you're looking for maybe you'll need to elaborate a bit further

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