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    can someone tell me how to load the really large php tables into the phpmyadmin using the terminal.. I think Till mentioned in a forum about the phpmyadmin not having a zip compiled.. something about you can use the terminal to load . anyone know how to do this

    debian sarge 3.1 ispconfig 2.2.6 phpmyadmin 2.6.4-pl3
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  2. Ben

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    I guess you mean mySQL tables because php has no tables ;)

    Well if you have your dumpfile just run mysql.

    e.g. mysql -u youruser -p < yourdumpfile.sql

    This will connect to mysql with the user "youruser" and prompt for your password and afterwards paste the stuff from yourdumpfile... Even here you have no real zipsupport. Either you unzup your file first or you "pipe a bit around and try concatenating all commands in one line".
    Maybe you have to define the database name (i think) with -D database if the database select statement is not included in your dumpfile
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