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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by blindmist, May 2, 2008.

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    So I followed this guide here


    and did everything verbatim to the guide. This is the first time that I have messed with Linux all by command prompt. Everything went very smooth although the guide has left tons of open ended question and holes.

    1. I cannot get PHP to execute unless I have it to globally execute. The guide says I must turn this off or ISPConfig will not work. I have uploaded ISPConfig to my server and when I go to install.php, there are thousands of errors. I do not know what it is doing or why.

    Also, I have tried following the install guide and cannot get passed the ./setup part because permissions are denied. This guide, as well, does not explain anything nor leaves no room for errors.

    So, if anyone would greatly explain some of these things to me and help me out I would greatly appreciate it because I am fixing to pull my hair out of my skull.
  2. Leszek

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    PHP is disabled globally because otherwise ISPConfig wouldn't be able to enable or disable it.When it's globally off You can turn it on or off using the web administration panel.If You would leave it on (globally),every site would have php access without the possibility to turn it off for clients that don't need it.
    The guide is about setting up a server for ISPConfig 2.Here are it's installation instructions: http://ispconfig.org/manual_installation.htm
    You're supposed to install ISPConfig with root (administrator) privileges.
    It's also possible that ISPConfig left some files while installing,so before starting the installation again,You should delete them:
    rm -R /root/ispconfig
    rm -R /home/admispconfig

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