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    Please bear with me on this as am a n00b with ISPConfig, well at least with the kind of setup I want to achieve. I followed the multiserver setup how-to and everything works fine, although I hacked the code to be able to use a central DB for all of my servers and stay away from the burden of having MySQL running on all servers, also because I tried that and it didn't work that way either.

    My setup is as follows XEN DomUs running Squeeze,

    Using ISPConfig 3 latest of this post:

    1 web1 - ISPConfig+web+ftp (which AFAIK can't be separated please confirm) with /var/www mounted via GlusterFS
    1 db - DB Server with /var/lib/mysql mounted via GlusterFS
    1 mail1 - MAIL Server with /var/vmail mounted via GlusterFS
    1 web2 - WEB Server with with /var/www and /etc/apache2 mounted via GlusterFS from web1. (not added to ISPConfig Server List)
    2 lb1 & lb2 load balancers with Squeeze and haproxy (working fine)
    1 mail2 - exact copy of mail1 added to ISPConfig (tried standalone and slave of mail1 with no luck)

    What I want is another mail server (mail2) as an exact copy of the one that's already working fine to offer high availability and load balancing between mailservers as with we content, but when I try to use it as my main mailserver I get relay access denied errors on /var/log/mail.log.

    I tried hacking the configs trying to make mail to appear as mail1 but the 'ispconfig'@'mail2.mydomain.com' Using password YES access denied issue arises.

    I've read a ton of posts but haven't come across anything that suits my needs.

    Is there any known good way of achieving this?.

    Thank you very much.

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