lm-sensors - repository or dpkg ??

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  1. danhansen@denmark

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    I'm setting up a Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 to crunch data. I would like lm-sensors to be installed as well.
    I know the command "apt-get install lm-sensors", this is the one I've been using so far. But, which is the best way?

    1. Do I install it from repository to get an easy update?
    2. Do I install .deb package and use the dpkg command to add it to the package manager?

    If you know the best way and the full command, please show me how ;)

    Have a nice day....
  2. srijan

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    I prefer to us "apt-get install package_nmae as the best way to intsall the package.

    Us this to install the lm-sensors.

    Thats it.


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