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    And a very good day to you ;)

    I have a question. I run a website on my ISPconfig3 server, and I very much need a little forum program to run from/on this site. But how do I set this up? Is it something that I setup in ISPconfig3 or is it something that I will have to do the "old fashioned way"???

    I've found a little peace of software and I would like to know if it's possible to include it on my website.
    It's a webshop, based on OScommerce, and there is 3 ways to use the site. You can browse the site and shop as a guest, you can "log in" as a registrated user" and shop or you can become a user by "creating a "login/password", as with so many other sites based on OScommerce. The reason I tell you this is because the "forum" has to be accessible only to "registrated users". So, is it possible to use the program I found on ?? The database I use for my site/shop is MySQL, It's a "ISPconfig3 The Perfect Server Installation" setup.

    So, is it possible for you to point me in the right direction?

    1. This is the software I found:

    2. Is it possible to use this as a litte forum on a website/webshop, based on OScommerce, using MySQL database for "Registrated Users". Can it be setup so that only "registrated users" from the website/webshop" is allowed in the forum!?!?!?

    3. How to install it on Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 - ISPconfig 3. Do I use the CP to set it up or do I set it up "The Oldfashioned Way"?

    Here's an example/running demo of the webshop:
    It's in danish, but its straight forward. I don't know if you can use this at all, it's just so that you can see the OScommerce template. :confused:

    Opret konto (create account)
    Log ind

    I am so much hoping for some guidence here.. This is a very importent part of our website. And I have been working for days now. So, sorry for the bad language and poor spelling. I'm totally busted... :eek:
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    Installing software in a wesbite is not ispconfig speific (at least after you created the website).

    2) That depends on the way the forum works and if it has functions to connect to your website. I guess you will have to check the forum doumnetation or ask its author if it can use the user database of oscommerce for authentication. I did < fast search and I did not found a switch for that in the forum docs but there might be plugins or workarounds to achieve that.

    3) The installation steps are:

    a) Create a website (if the forum shall have its own website). If the forum shall be in a subfolder of a existing site, then create a folder inside your website instead.
    Then create a mysql database in ispconfig for it and note the username and password as you need this for the forum installation later.

    b) Upload the forum software with a FTP client into the website or folder and follow the installation instructions of the forum softwrae to install it.
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