Listen on Multiple IP's in HAProxy?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by davefrooney, Jun 17, 2013.

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    I have 3 IP's pointing at my load balancer. I currently have it setup to listen for one IP How would I setup it up to listen on all 3? Do I just need to define another webfarm? I have included my haproxy.cfg

           uid 99
           gid 99
           mode http
           retries 3
           option redispatch
           maxconn 10000
           contimeout 10000
           clitimeout 50000
           srvtimeout 50000
       listen webfarm
           mode http
           stats uri /haproxy
           balance roundrobin
           cookie webpool insert
           option  httpclose
           option forwardfor
           server WWW1 cookie webpool_WWW1 check port 81 
           server WWW2 cookie webpool_WWW2 check port 81 
           server WWW3 cookie webpool_WWW3 check port 81 
       listen https     
           balance source
           mode tcp
           server WWW1 check
           server WWW2 check
           server WWW3 check
    Thanks in advance for your help

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