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    I'll kick this off, give you some background info first because choosing a good host is important.

    Ive been hosting websites for a few dozen web developers for over a decade.. Was doing it all manually as I never was satisfied with any of the control panel options, until my customers started demanding a direct configuration interface.

    After writing a simple one managed entirely through a shell I started playing with ISPConfig3 and was so immensely impressed I went through and deployed an entire new hosting environment, and after alot of testing on it and several redesigns I moved all my customers over to it and they have been nothing but pleased with the results.

    Everyone has been running great on the new system since June 2011, so I decided to expand my offerings and services to the public a few months later.

    Currently I am offering 2 basic hosting packages starting off at $1 for the first month, these include full featured shell accounts with each site. (More Info)

    On top of that I offer Free Personal Web-hosting w/2GB Storage 1 Domain & Shell Account w/50GB Transfer for a one time setup fee of $1 (More Info)

    View our current hosting packages @

    -Ryan @

    *side note*
    I think creating a directory of ISPConfig powered hosts is an *excellent* idea, promoting a large verifiable install base will attract more 3rd party vendors into supporting ISPConfig IMHO.. so please, post up your site.
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    ISPConfig3 VServers

    Ive massively upgraded my infrastructure and I am now offering limited quantities of virtual appliances, preconfigured with ISPConfig3 and ready to roll out. 2 Week trial for $1. No Contracts Required.

    for details visit:

    Dual Core 3.5GHz w/1GB Ram in OpenVZ w/200GB Storage - $35/mo
    Quad Core 3.5GHz w/2GB Ram in KVM w/500GB Storage - $60/mo

    and to make the deal even sweeter, any customer from HowToForge who purchases the ISPConfig3 manual and forwards me a copy of the receipt will receive a $5 refund off next full payment.

    [email protected]

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