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  1. sswcharlie

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    Accidentally (!! called old age) I deleted some files. (not to Trash)

    I have installed Foremost using the Software Manager. Its says installed! but I cannot find the app to open it, doesnt show on 'All Otherwise Applications'. Where do I find it ? or should I download latest version, from where, and terminal code. Can I install into Software Manager and 'install' from there?

    To confirm, Foremost just looks for files not folders? I had 10 x .pdf in a sub folder of 'documents'. I deleted the folder (with the .pdf's).

    My laptop has 2 partitions, one for Windows, and the main one I use is LinuxMint. In Foremost instructions it says not to place the results in same partition. Does this mean in a different directory say on a usb stick? where the original folder/files was in the 'Document Dir subfolder.' I guess it does not mean put into Windows!
    Is Foremost the way to go with above issue?
    Thanks everybody

    Charles Harris
    re-tired (mostly the tired bit)
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    Don't worry, restore them from your backup. No Backup? -> No Mercy. Sorry ;)
    See on how to restore deleted files. Do not use the file system in question any more. Any usage will increase the risk of the files being overwritten.
    Don't know the app, but if it is a command line program, you have to execute it from the terminal. It it has a gui, you can also use ALT+F2 to open a search window and start it from there.

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