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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by no1, Mar 2, 2009.

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    First, let me say that I'm coming into this with very little knowledge of Linux, but a optimistic desire for some simple direction regarding a RedHat Fedora 5 mail server with issues connecting to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).

    My work email account is on a POP3 Linux server. When I got my personal BlackBerry at Christmas, I set it up with several accounts (all BIS, including my work account) and it worked fine for about 10 days. My work account has since worked sporadically - I may get all of my work email for a day, then nothing for a week, then I'll get all of the messages at once from the previous week; or it may not pick up any mail at all for this one account. There are about 30 BlackBerry users in the system, and this is happening to most (probably all) of them with their work accounts.

    My three other personal accounts (gmail, live, att.blackberry) all work great. I've upgraded OS, deleted and recreated account multiple times, deleted and resent service books more times than I can count, battery pulled, and settled for now for Outlook forwarding to my att.blackberry account, but that requires my PC be left on, and a simple "reply" sends the message back to my PC, instead of the original sender.

    It has to be our mail server. . . Any other suggestions? AT&T wasn't too helpful. They could see the BIS hitting email server but not getting messages. I've also been on the phone with RIM support twice, and they said it may be our mail server. According to our IT department, it shouldn't be blocking access. It is "wide open". RIM did send an email message regarding SMTP, Integration, and Polling, but our IT guy is not sure where these settings go, as he is new to the system and not familiar with Linux mail server setup.

    Can anyone tell me where this SMTP information needs to go? Is it a cut and paste, or is there additional coding needed? Is there some other setting on the server that needs to be changed? I'm not the IT person in the district, but I'm leading the push to get this working correctly.

    Pertinent section of message from RIM below:

    To provide proper communication between the BlackBerry Internet Service and your email messaging environment, the below Internet Protocol (IP) ranges allowed to must be allowed to communicate with the BlackBerry® Infrastructure.
    Note: The IP ranges listed in the table are in Classless Inter Domain Routing (CIDR) notation.
    IP Address Netmask / 24 Netmask = / 24 Netmask = / 24 Netmask = / 20 Netmask = / 20 Netmask = / 19 Netmask = / 21 Netmask =

    The following table lists the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), integration server, and polling server information for BlackBerry Internet Service in North America (NA).

    Eg. has address

    Integration Servers

    Polling Server

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    First of all you need to know how BIS works. BIS will check your emails first at an interval of 15 minutes, if there are messages it will then check mail after 14 minutes and so until it gets the actual interval for email checking. Based on this checks BIS will then create rules for your e-mail checks.
    Those 10 days i suppose ar the days before BIS created this rules.
    If you have other e-mail client that actually fetches your mail, does not leave them on the server as unread messages than there is no way that BIS will get your mail to the mobile device.
    I fixed this problem creating an alias in the mail server, something like this: [email protected] mail goes to [email protected], [email protected], and even deleted the pop3 account. In this way you get all your e-mails to your wireless device. Then you can set in your bis accound that at the reply-to option [email protected]
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    To create an alias, please tell me if this is correct:

    Login > Servers > Sendmail Configuration > Mail Aliases > Create Alias for "name" if email is "name", then Alias to email address. Enter "name", "name"@bisdomain.

    I don't want to mess with the pop3 for fear of messing up the 700+ email accounts that are in the system getting their mail via Outlook.

    I do have my account set to leave messages on the server for 30 days, so I know that BIS should pick them up. The communication is getting blocked somehow. They have traced messages and watched their server poll ours. Sometimes it goes through, and sometimes it doesn't.

    Thanks for you help, emil!
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    I don't know the exact configuration for your mail server but a standard sendmail alias is something like that
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    i to have an Ubuntu 8.10 mail server from falko's tut. I have two blackberry users who can no longer get mail on their blackberry's. I have spent many hours with RIM and ATT all to no avail. I'm sure it must be the mail server? Does anyone else have this issue.
    RIM sent me this....

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