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    I was reading about iSCSI and SANs. Well being a typical married guy and getting tired of fixing / reloading wife's and kid's machines. I thought this was a great idea for having a protected OS. Creating 2 images one for kids and one for wife. The solutions for Linux for doing this is getting a bit confusing. I cant do iSCSI cause i dont have the means for it. The machines that family has support PXE and well they are Win kind of folks.
    So the question is does anyone have a good place to find a how-to for Linux Server (current distros are Slackware and Ubuntu) with XP Clients, wanting the XP clients to have Clients PXE boot to the server and "pull" down the XP load with all the storage on the network.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. zcworld

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    if you want to save your self a lot of time
    and this is not really on your howto

    just use like norton ghost or another drive image program to make an image backup of the installed OS

    like install the OS / updates / key programs they need
    than make the image and burn it to DVD ...
    so when its goes ass up

    just move off what you they need
    reload from image .. update and job done

    thats how i look after my windows desktop systems ...

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