Linux samba ldap PDC - admin privilege on windows client

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by jcdole, Aug 10, 2007.

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    To install particular windows software, the normal user "MY_USER" must have administrator rights during install. In that way the window registry is set up correctly for that user (you must put the normal user "MY_USER" in the administrator group during install, you may not install the software under the "ADMINISTRATOR" login). This is not a problem if the computer is in a window workgroup.

    Now I want to put this computer on a local network "MY_DOMAIN" with a linux-samba-ldap PDC.
    As soon as the computer had join the network and the user had logged, he got a new profile "MY_DOMAIN.MY_USER". So I have to reinstall the window software for the new profile "MY_DOMAIN.MY_USER". How can I give administrator rigths during the install to the user logged on the domain. The user must belong now to the domain administrator group from the point of view of windows workstation.

    I am running win2k on the client, and linux suse 10 on the server.
  2. jcdole

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    Any idea ?
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    The problem is how to create in LDAP a domain administrator group from a window workstation point of view and put there temporally a normal user just to install a software with admin rights.

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