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    I didn't have any issue but I'm asking about Linux patch management & security and Harding.
    I have a lot of Linux servers CentOS 5,6,7 RHEL 5,6,7 as well as Ubuntu. from your experience what is the best way to check Linux server vulnerability and what is the best procedure to do Linux patches.

    What are the main points that I have to consider?
    open-source tools to check the patches and vulnerabilities.
    how to keep my Linux environment secure and pathed.
    how can I manage the patches side?
    what are best practices in Linux OS Harding for ssh, firewall, GUI?

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    What patches are you talking about? Have you installed components by compiling from source and need to patch the sources?
    The usual way with Linux is using the packages the distribution provides, in your case CentOS and RHEL. I do not use either, but surely the documentation tells what command updates the installed packages (for Debian/Ubuntu it would be apt update ; apt upgrade).
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