Linux Malware Detect on Debian 6 with ISPConfig 3

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by felan, Aug 30, 2012.

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    There is no need to alter the software. It is native software for Ubuntu already.
  2. till

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    The malware scanner that we developed for the ISPProtect service is now available as standalone software. It uses our own signatures for the ClamAV engine plus a heuristic scan engine that we developed and it has a scanner for outdated cms versions. Feel free to download and test it on your server, you can get it at The trial version is available without registration.

    The steps to download and run the scanner are:

    cd /tmp
    tar xzf ispp_scan.tar.gz
    enter "trial" when it asks for the license key.
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  3. Uzoma Nneji

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    Hi ,

    Please i am new to this forum but urgently need help . The server i use at work for network monitoring and connectivity to other network nodes seems to have been infected with worm (according to the SOC ) and the only recommendation is to scan it.

    My fear is that if a scan is conducted, it could remove or totally wipeout essential settings on this server. How can i go about it?
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